The team

Connecting Students with Opportunity

GoIntro was developed to help schools, colleges and universities connect their students with opportunity. It's difficult for students to know which companies and career paths are right for them. There is a plethora of information out there, but sifting through it all is time-consuming, tedious, and ultimately not engaging.

This is a real pain for students, but it also hurts employers. They're finding it harder than ever to engage and hire the right students. Even those with the biggest budgets are having scores of roles going unfilled, and the ones which are filled aren't necessarily done so with the right talent.

We think it's important for students to have the best chance to get of to a flying start in the working lives. We want them to know that the time and money they spent studying was worth it in the end!

We want to use the power of technology to increase transparency - to help students know which companies and jobs are right for them in an engaging environment - and to help to employers hire them. We want to unearth valuable data to allow you to understand how to best connect your students with opportunity.

Joe Afif
Founder & CEO
I’m Joe, and I started up GoIntro. I love meeting new people and solving problems, almost as much as I love Football, travelling, BrewDog and Steaks!
Stewart MacRae
Chief Commercial Officer
I'm Stewart and I dote on business success stories especially now the family has grown up. The mature one but still happy to indulge in sport and any music to get airborne to. Jaffa Cakes are my only vice.
Alex Bukach
Chief Technology Officer
I'm Alex, and I make GoIntro site work. I enjoy fixing bugs and helping Joe solve dev problems. In the meantime, I'm learning Sanskrit and enjoy racing on scooters with my kids.
Andrew Ignatenko
My name is Andrew and I am a system analyst and webdeveloper. My life is a mix of challenges, tasks and a pinch of free time when I travel, read or just sleep a bit.
Carlos Diaz
I am Carlos, I am originally from Spain but I moved to Scotland a few years ago. I love travelling, playing the Ukulele and video games. If you think you can beat me playing Tetris, bring it on!
Jess Menzies
Digital Marketer
You can find me writing blog content, managing advertising campaigns, or mocking up new web pages for GoIntro. If I'm not in the office, I'm probably doing hot yoga and wondering why I'm doing hot yoga.
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