Number of Video Chats

Video chats can be initiated by candidates and accepted by recruiters, and vice-versa. With each candidate engaging in an average of 4.6 video chats per hour, they're energised to engage and interact with recruiters and learn about their opportunities and build relationships

Quality Video Chats


Video chats average at 6.3 minutes which is quality enough to warrant 61% of them to be Followed Up with by recruiters afterward - be it an invitation to interview, or some other positive outcome.

6.3 Minutes
Limitless Events

With GoIntro, you can host as many events as you like, inviting as many candidates and recruiters as you choose. Simply create the event, share its link - and voilĂ ! GoIntro's email and SMS marketing journey will prime users for your event and remind them to attend. 

Manage events with ease

GoIntro's Event Management Systems makes it easy for you to administer events efficiently. You get transparency on which candidates and recruiters have signed up, and the results of technical tests our system performs to ensure that there are no hiccups on the day. This way, you can ensure that you have the right people attending the event and generate the best outcomes possible.

GoIntro's novel technology is an exciting one which has proven extremely useful for bridging the gap between our students and employers based overseas. We can't wait to use it again!

Tairan Huo
The University of St Andrews, International Opportunities Manager

GoIntro uses unique gamified technology, making (sometimes intimidating!) events more relaxing and enjoyable. This way, candidates can shine during their video chats. As well as keeping them engaged and relaxed, the games also prompt candidates with information about the various recruiters and opportunities available. Candidates learn about all the opportunities in a fun and engaging way, funneling them into video chats with the most relevant recruiters.

Trophies and Game
Embedded White Label
Embedded White Label

GoIntro will customise your very own GoIntro events site to sit within your domain. It will be kitted out with your logo, images, copy, fonts, and colours - everything you need to call the site your own. This way, you can maintain your brand message while engaging candidates and recruiters.

Embedded Chat Support

GoIntro embeds a live text chat box within your events, and we'll be on-hand to support candidates and recruiters with any queries throughout. This means that you can ensure that you are maximising candidate and recruiter experiences and can focus on getting results.

Embedded Chat Support
Payment Gateway

If you're planning on hosting events as a third-party, GoIntro's Stripe payment technology handles recruiter invoices. Your recruiters can make payments securely from any device in under a minute. This means you no longer have to manually send out invoices again nor chase up payments.

Easy to Organise
Easy to organise
Maximise Employability
Widen Participation
Increase Student Engagement
Build Relationships
Improve Employer Engagement
Improve Outcomes
Boost Revenues
Measurable ROI
Capture Data
Capture Data
Single Sign On
Single Sign On (SSO) Integrations

GoInto is designed to integrate with your Single Sign On services, making it effortless for your candidates to sign up and attend events.

Ongoing Consultation
Ongoing Consultation

Need help getting set up or managing your events? We offer consultation throughout to ensure that you're making the most of your events.

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