Virtual Event Environments

GoIntro brings recruitment events online, allowing participants to hold 1-to-1 video chats with multiple exhibitors

Host your own online events and you'll engage more of your audience than ever before. Widen participation, improve outcomes and capture data to help you understand your candidates better.

Who is it for?

Who Uses GoIntro

Easy to Organise
Easy to organise

It takes 30 seconds to set up a GoIntro event, and you can host them as frequently as you like. There's no need to worry about venues, parking, banners & stands or dealing with many of the other hassles that come with hosting events offline.

Widen Participation

Candidates and exhibitors just need access to the Internet and a tablet/ laptop in order to be part of your events - location is no longer a barrier! Users can be anywhere in the world and still have the opportunity to hold relevant 1-to-1 conversations with each other.

Build Relationships

GoIntro's interactive design helps candidates seamlessly learn about exhibitors and their opportunities. This drives meaningful video chats, which builds relationships.

Improve Outcomes

Quality video chats with informed candidates means that exhibitors are more likely to convert them in to prospects in funnels - and that candidates are more likely to remain engaged throughout the process.

Capture Data
Capture Data

Capture data on which candidates are being followed up with by exhibitors, which ones aren't, and why. You get candidate feedback about the exhibitors too. Drill down in to the real-time insight in order to spot any emerging themes and prioritise resources.

Boost Revenues
Measurable ROI

Since it's quick and cost-effective to set up GoIntro events, you can host them frequently. Whether it's engaging candidates with external exhibitors, or your own company, college or university, GoIntro is an efficient and effective tool in achieving a measurable ROI.

GoIntro's novel technology is an exciting one which has proven extremely useful for bridging the gap between our students and employers based overseas. We can't wait to use it again!

Tairan Huo
The University of St Andrews, International Opportunities Manager